Yes, estimates and/or consultations for all services are free of charge.
No, services can be canceled at anytime unless a contract is warranted for services such as Maintenance provided homes or HOA. Special offers such as 50% off Indoor Pest control may require an annual contract in order to validate the special offer.
Yes, we offer full pest control services to both Residential and Commercial clients within our service area. We also service HOA’s and Maintenance provided customers.
We have several payment options to choose from. 1. PRE-PAY: This option usually will be accompanied by a 5% discount. You can also pre-pay for certain services and pay as you go for other services. 2. PAY-AS-YOU-GO: Aspen will send an invoice every 30 days, at the beginning of each month. Send a check or credit card number within 20 days of receipt of the invoice. Service charges will be applied to any returned check. Late fee charges are in effect when payment is not sent with 30 days. 3, AUTO PAY WITH CREDIT CARD ON FILE: Your credit card will be charged on the 15th of every month for the amount of the invoice.

Pest Control

Aspen Lawn & Pest Control provides treatments that eliminate pests outside from coming inside your home. By providing applications outside the home, we eliminate the amount of chemicals inside your home, but the pests still stay away. We will apply some treatments inside the home, but typically apply more treatments outside the home.
Never fear! Our professionals 100% guarantee you'll be satisfied with your pest control services. One of our Pest Manager would be happy to make a call-back visit if necessary to ensure your home, yard, and outdoor living spaces remain free of unwanted pests.
The benefits of a mosquito-free yard will last 30 days.