Flea, Tick & Chigger Control

Beat it Pests! Pest Control Before They Invade Your Home.

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Flea, Tick & Chigger Control
in Overland Park KS

Protect You & Your Family from Fleas, Ticks & Chiggers
Aspen Lawn and Pest Control protects you, your family, and your beloved pets against fleas, ticks & chiggers.

We Tackle Pests Before They Swarm!
Our flea, tick & chigger control in Overland Park KS is a proactive service to eliminate pests before they become a problem and make their way into your home.

Additional Treatments "As-needed"
Applied on an "as-needed" basis to ensure you are comfortable in your outdoor living space, Aspen's flea, tick, & chigger control in Overland Park will help to ensure you have an itch-free outdoor area, spring to fall.