Mosquito Armor®

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Mosquito Armor®
in Overland Park, KS

Don't Let Mosquitos Ruin Your Lawn
Pesky mosquitoes are known to ruin your outdoor living space and can bring any outdoor gathering, celebration, or your kids' play time to a grinding halt.

Protection from Bug Bites
Not only that, mosquitos can carry dangerous diseases like the Zika Virus and wreck havoc on your skin with irritating bites.

Our Program
First, one of Aspen Pest Control's Mosquito Armor® professionals in Overland Park, KS will inspect your property. Then, we'll spray a barrier around your home and deck to target the affected areas. Each application will last up to 28 days, keeping your yard protected between applications. Aspen Pest Control will do up to 7 applications of Mosquito Armor® a year, depending on your level of mosquito infestation.

Create a Bug-Free Backyard
With the help of Aspen Pest Control's Mosquito Armor® in Overland Park, KS, we can ensure you will enjoy your outdoor space, mosquito-free, from spring to fall.